San Antonio

March 3, 2021

Pediatrician: The pandemic is taking an alarming toll on children (CNN)


“While we are still learning about the pandemic’s impact on mental health, we’ve seen its effect on children and families intensifying over time. Many pediatricians have told me in the last month that their offices seem more like mental health clinics for both children and their parents. And while the pain is widespread, it hasn’t been equal. Some children have been impacted far more by the duration of the pandemic, isolation from friends and family, effects of parental stress and economic hardship, and loss of loved ones.”

“The CDC’s latest guidance reinforces what pediatricians have long been saying: If schools are following good public health precautions, there is very low spread of Covid-19. We also need to invest meaningfully in preparing for increased mental health support in schools so that when students do return, they have access to the help they need.” More on

All 12 LeafSpring Schools are open and enrolling children from infancy to age 13. We are planning for a Summer of Play! in 2021 to help ease the challenges and stress from the school year.