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Camp Blue Sky & COVID-19


LeafSpring Schools are looking forward to another amazing summer at Camp Blue Sky! We’ve been making some great plans and are ready for an exciting summer camp program for all ages. Things may look a little different due to the changes COVID-19 has made in our lives but LeafSpring Schools will continue to respond to these changes based on updates to local, state, and federal guidelines. To ensure everyone at our school stays safe and healthy, while having a great time at summer camp, we have put together three scenarios we will follow.


LeafSpring School camp counselors have been hard at work planning an exciting Camp Blue Sky for all ages. Administrators and nurses have come up with several plans that recognize and respect the unique needs COVID-19 presents. Local recommendations and mandates will be followed while still allowing for the fast, furious, fun summer camp The Village at LeafSpring School is known for. (Click HERE for more information)

LeafSpring Schools have developed three different Camp Blue Sky plans to allow for proper planning, safe distancing and fun, fun, fun! Summer camp will begin with Plan A and move towards Plan B and/or C as recommendations change. Even if guidelines dictate Plan A is followed for several months, LeafSpring School is prepared to make sure all children have the best summer possible. Please note that while this is our plan, it is subject to change and we’ll communicate with you often no matter what. 

  • Camp Blue Sky Plan A:  This plan allows for a conservative approach with minimal transitions for children and teachers/counselors.  All children will remain in the same group throughout the day with the same designated caregivers.  Mealtimes and outside play will be limited to one group at a time.  Lesson plans have been updated to include a variety of hands on and exciting on-site activities such as water games, messy art and obstacle courses with a twist.
  • Camp Blue Sky Plan B:  As guidelines allow for more interactions, LeafSpring School will begin to allow more migration between 2 or 3 groups. Outside vendors may be brought in for activities and presentations such as Zoomagination, Magic Theatre or Dinosaur George.  All activities will still be on-site and children will not leave the campus.
  • Camp Blue Sky Plan C:  The Village at LeafSpring Schools will operate as normal, a full summer camp complete with field trips, large group activities and free use of all spaces.

Enroll your child in this exciting and interactive camp experience today and ensure a summer of FUN!

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